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Friday, July 27th 2012

1:47 PM

Nearlynude preteens


Related article: Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2001 16:01:15 -0500 From: Vodkapuddle Subject: 'Expectations' part 2Hi everyone! I apologise for the strange shifting in tenses in my first instalment. I was only planning on releasing the third person part on its own and I didn't want to post the rest of it. I was planning on changing everything to third person. Sorry if people are confused. From now on, I am going to write everything in third person! Promise! In the meantime, I'd love to hear from you. Tell me what you think of my story so far or whatever. I will try and reply to every mail. Thanks for reading! vodkapuddle x'Expectations part' 2The pounding of dancers footsteps filled the dance studio. People flung themselves at one another and twisted themselves into unimaginable positions with agility and grace.Jason, who was usually a natural at picking up steps, had suddenly grown two left feet. He just couldn't concentrate. He knew exactly what the problem was. Lee. Jason watched him creating a duet with Anna. He was amazed at how athletic Lee was and how he moved his preteens bondage frame so lightly. He watched Lee's thighs flex as he sprung off the floor, he watched Lee's biceps tense as he lifted Anna.So many thoughts ran through Jason's mind. He couldn't understand why he was looking at Lee and not Anna. He and Lee had always been such good friends but he had never wanted anything more from their relationship. Until now. Jason had a yearning. He wasn't naturist preteens video sure exactly what he wanted from Lee, but Jason wanted him close. All the time."Earth to Jason. Hello? Were you planning on taking 2 minutes or two hours for that water break?" Fiona asked Jason as she 100 nude preteens tapped him playfully on the head."Sorry, Fi, I don't know where I was." Jason replied.Fiona was the dance teacher at the university. She was always extremely perky and her wiry mass of red hair that played around her face only enhanced her personality. Everybody loved Fiona."OK, Jason, get back to it." Fiona directed as she hopped away from him to another corner of the dance studio.Half an hour later, the class finished and Jason could finally get to his room and think about what he had been feeling recently. He headed for the door but was stopped by Anna."Hey, Jay, do you wanna go for some lunch? My treat." She asked happily."You know what, Anna. russian pre teenz I've got the rest of the day off, I'm just going to go to my room and sleep for a bit- I'm really tired. Perhaps we can catch up later when I'm not so exhausted?""OK, Jason. Don't say I didn't offer." Anna answered with mock happiness. As she passed Jason in the doorway, she scowled to herself."Anna!" Anna spun around to meet the voice that had called her. It was Lee. Anna scowled again without meaning to."Woah, Anna, what did I do?" Lee asked, slightly surprised live preteen models at the face he had just seen Anna pull."Oh, nothing, Lee. So, what's up?" She answered nonchalantly."I was just wondering if you fancied some lunch after that intense work-out? I was gonna ask Jason too.""Lee, I'm really not in the mood and I have the feeling Jason's not up for it either. You should catch-up with some work; that's what I'm going to do."With that, Anna turn on her heels and left Lee standing in the hallway with a confused look on his face. He began to worry that he had hurt Anna's feelings in some way, but he couldn't think of anything he had done that would've upset her. They were only just working together on a nearlynude preteens dance duet. She seemed to be fine then. Lee shrugged-off Anna's strange behaviour and decided to take her preteens model hard tip and catch-up on some essays that he had put-off for a while. An hour after the dance class, Jason found himself sat on his double bed in his room in the halls. He sat with his knees held to his chest as a single tear ran down his cheek. He wiped it preteen art videos away and stood up from his cradled position. He looked across at the mirror that hung on the wall above his studying desk. He saw a drained looking mask that slightly resembled his usual self. He needed to sort this. He needed to speak to preteens bondage Lee.It was only a short walk next russian pre teenz door to find where Lee would be. Jason knocked on Lee's door which was soon answered. he looked at the figure that stood before him and saw that it was Estelle."Oh, hi, Jay. How are you?" She asked pleasantly."Not great, Estelle. Thanks for asking though. Is Lee around?""Yeah, I'll give you two some privacy," Estelle said with preteen sleeping naked a wink. Jason didn't know where that wink came from, but he didn't like it too much. Did Estelle suspect something? Jason didn't even know what he was feeling towards Lee and he hoped that it wasn't obvious to other people. He wanted to understand it himself before everybody else did.Jason walked through the door, passing Estelle. He found Lee sat at his desk, typing away at his laptop computer. Lee stopped his typing, turned his head to Jason and smiled. Jason tried to smile back, but the tears had started to flow. He threw himself onto Lee's bed, face-down to hide his face."Oh my God, Jay, what's wrong?" Lee asked, concerned. He walked over to Jason and placed a hand on his back. Jason felt electricity threw Lee's hand and he flinched. This aroused even more concern in Lee."Hey, Big guy, look at me. Tell me what's wrong?""Lee, I don't even know where to begin. I don't know who I am anymore." Jason cried."Try and tell me, Jay." Lee pleaded."It's you, Pup, it's you!" Jason shouted."What do you mean it's me? What have I done wrong? First Anna goes off on a weird one with me and now you. What's wrong with me today?" Lee was annoyed and confused. He couldn't understand why people were being so strange."You haven't done anything wrong towards me. That's just it, you have done everything right. I've been thinking a long time about how to tell you this, Lee, and I can't hold it back any longer. I love you, Lee.""Get out." Lee said quietly."What?" Jason asked. He didn't know what to expect from Lee's reaction."Get out." Lee ordered, slightly louder.Jason knew from the tone in Lee's voice that he 3d art preteens meant what he said. Jason was confused, he was hoping that he could just take Lee in his arms and hold him. Nevertheless, Jason left Lee alone in his blog bbs preteen room as petite preteen girls he shed a few more tears. He passed Estelle who had obviously been listening at the door. She became flustered and ran off to her own room as Jason entered his own.Lee couldn't believe what he had just heard. Jason, Big guy, Best friend had just told him that he had loved him. Of all the things that he expected Jason to tell him, that was the last thing he would have ever predicted. Lee was in a daze. He had waited so long for the day that he would hear those words from Jason and know that he meant them from the heart. Now he had heard them, he couldn't believe that they were true.Lee sat down on his bed and cried.Jason couldn't believe he had just told Lee that he loved him. He couldn't believe his reaction. True, Jason didn't know what to expect from Lee, but what Lee had said was completely unexpected. Now Jason wondered if what he had done was for the best. He knew that he needed Lee in every sense and was finding it hard to comprehend. Jason had always thought of himself as straight, but from the moment he first met Lee, he knew there was something else going on inside himself.There was a knock at the door.Jason got up and answered it. He hoped against hope that it would be Lee. He was disappointed when he saw Estelle. He closed the door in her face. He couldn't face her now, especially since she had obviously heard everything that had been said.There was another knock at the door.Jason was ready to scream at Estelle. Jason opened the door and saw Lee."Lee, listen about what I said......" Jason tried."Just shut-up." Lee ordered as he pushed Jason backwards until he fell onto the bed. Lee closed the door behind him. He advanced towards Jason and they shared their first kiss.
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Friday, July 27th 2012

12:00 AM

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